The spirit of Canopy Village

Canopy Village was born from a vision of a space dedicated to the Self, spiritual expansion, health, well-being, remote working, fun and creativity.

Come and experience the most luxury off-grid jungle location that Koh Phangan offers, just 5 minutes walk from the beach and the infamous Guy's Bar.
It is our pleasure to welcome you for healing at R.E.S.T, long or short stays, dinner at our pool or recording sessions and courses at our professional music studio.

Canopy Village is proud to be eco-friendly, we use solar energy and fresh rain water to service the entire site.

(Flotation Tank)



“R.E.S.T.”, Restricted Environmental Stimuli Technique.

The incredible experience of floating in space. Read more about the benefits...





Canopy village invit chave a professional music studio and propose creative retreats...





Have a look to our accommodation

we are on had tien beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand